Is ColdFusion Really Becoming Popular Again?

I have somewhat of an unwarranted gambling degenerate reputation here at the WebProNews offices. It may or may not have to do with the time I was pushing a double digit debt in lunches from various bets. However, I would not bet on ColdFusion. I even previously wrote about the ColdFusion job market, or lack thereof. Luckily, I didn’t place any bets against ColdFusion, as it looks like use may be on the rise.

Stephen O’Grady over at RedMonk compiled a ranking of programming language popularity based on an interesting set of metrics: StackOverflow questions and GitHub projects. Comparing Stephen’s findings from September 2011 and February 2012 show a significant improvement in ColdFusion’s position.

September 2011 Programming Language Rankings

February 2012 Programming Language Rankings

There are two ways to interpret these scatter plots. On one side, we can assume that ColdFusion’s move up in rankings in both StackOverflow and GitHub indicates an increase in usage. However, we also see that the February 2012 graph includes additional languages on the plot. Whereas the original September plot included 53 languages, the more recent February graph includes somewhere around 70 languages. Although numerically higher in rank, ColdFusion appears in a relative position with regards to the other programming languages. It seems that ColdFusion may have simply benefited from the inclusion of less popular programming languages.


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